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Performing Arts Centers

The performing arts are an integral part of any student’s education due to their crucial role in developing confidence and providing a tool for self-expression. We create venues where students can shine, and the community can be rewarded.

We believe that a student’s performing arts education can have a significant impact on their academic, social, and emotional well-being. 

More than just a sweeping stage and comfortable seating, a performing arts venue is all about the ‘Total  Experience’. Every part of a patron’s visit contributes to the success of a performance - from the moment you  drive into the parking lot, to passing through the front doors, finding your seat, and to the final curtain.  

Knowing this, Hutteball + Oremus tailors each facility to the discipline it is showcasing. Tuned acoustics, stage layout, hall layout, backstage amenities and more are selected specifically to support the music, dance, or drama performance.  

HOA’s experience includes performance venues ranging from intimate gathering spaces, to concert halls, and performing art centers.