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McIntyre Hall Performing Arts & Conference Center

Skagit Valley College

Our team was originally contracted to develop a long-range facilities plan for McIntyre Hall. McIntyre Hall Performing Arts and Conference Center, owned and operated by the Skagit Regional Public Facilities District (PFD) and located on the Skagit Valley College campus, serves the area by providing cultural, educational, and entertainment opportunities for Skagit County. The flexible, state of the art performance hall and conference center is home to approximately 12 local performing arts organizations and hosts hundreds of internationally recognized artists and community presentations throughout the year.

The Hall was built in 2004 and in need of repairs and upgrades. The PFD wanted to understand how to better address the repairs and upgrades and needed a plan to prioritize these projects and budget for the next 20 years. By performing a complete facility assessment our team was able to identify numerous items that will provide substantial rehabilitation of the existing facility, correct code deficiencies and upgrade program requirements to allow for an extension of 20-30 years to the life of McIntyre Hall.

Findings from the facility assessment showed that two critical concerns needed to be addressed right away: Firstly, there were significant ongoing failures in the exterior envelope allowing water intrusion that had the potential to decrease the lifespan of the facility at an accelerated rate. It was of highest priority to ensure weather-tightness of the Hall, therefore we immediately teamed with a weatherization expert to execute a complete re-design and replacement of the building envelope system.

Second, the Hall desired immediate expansion and renovation of their current kitchen space. Currently operating in an inefficient and woefully undersized space, the catering program was suffering greatly. In partnership with a kitchen consultant, we are balanced the Hall’s needs with their budget constraints to provide a kitchen addition that greatly improves the program and quality offerings.

Future phases of renovations will improve the operations of the hall by updating finishes, adding an orchestra pit lift, updating the audio video systems, lighting, and controls.



Skagit Regional Public Facilities District
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