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High Schools

To support our ever-evolving communities, high schools must have ultimate flexibility to provide opportunities for student engagement and student choice.

At Hutteball + Oremus we design high schools that strive to utilize real-world learning environments, partnering with community leaders to provide students with opportunities to learn from industry experts.  

Hutteball + Oremus places a high priority on providing adaptable facilities that are resilient to changing curriculum, technological advancement, and student population fluctuations. From the structural system and building layout, to the choice of furnishings and classroom amenities  – flexibility should permeate all aspects of the project. 

High school facilities should reflect the goals and passions of both the students and their community, showcasing and supporting student culture, pride, and identity. Our high school designs encourage students to focus on their studies, adopt a professional demeanor, and prepare them for their transition to college, university, or their careers.  

HOA’s experience in high school design includes auditoriums, inventor labs, media centers, fitness rooms, and outdoor learning areas.