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Pre-Bond Planning

Hutteball + Oremus is inclusive in our collaborative imagining, and deft in consensus-building.

For the better part of the past two decades, Hutteball + Oremus has assisted school districts in pre-bond services. Our proven process for pre-bond educational facilities planning engages stakeholders by working together to  identify and prioritize needs, and to assess how new or renovated facilities support the district’s educational  programs. Our team will provide architectural & engineering experts and cost estimating services as necessary to  fully support your districts vision.  

Key elements of a successful bond campaign depend on orchestrating a process that allows active involvement by  a diverse group of individuals, a communication strategy to receive and distribute information, and total transparency of the process. Your districts strongest supporters are those that have had a chance to participate and are better informed due to the process. Our team commits themselves to actively engaging as many of the community and district stakeholders as possible.  

HOA is honored to have partnered with districts across Western Washington in support of their pre-bond planning efforts.