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We create thoughtful, enduring + inspiring architecture for future generations
At Hutteball + Oremus, we believe that architecture has a significant impact on how students learn. Our firm consists of talented and passionate architects and designers who have dedicated their careers and embrace the humbling responsibility of designing schools that inspire learning. We hold deeply to the knowledge that these buildings have profound physical, social, and psychological effects on the students, staff, and communities that occupy these spaces. When we create fun, nurturing, and collaborative environments, student engagement rises, and achievement increases.

This shared design philosophy is the foundation in which we create spaces where students can focus on their education, and teachers can effectively guide them in discovery. All our projects demonstrate this philosophy, showcasing site-specific, age-appropriate, and responsive solutions for each design challenge.
Communication is vital to a project’s success, and we are committed to responsiveness and transparency everyday. The team our clients meet at the onset of a project is the same team that is present and available on a day-to-day basis – including our firms’ Principals. Our team genuinely cares about the people we work with, and that helps us build relationships that thrive from one project to the next.

We focus on adapting to how our clients work and adjust our process to maximize collaboration and understanding throughout the life of a project. Our process is not about over-designing; it is about identifying our clients’ unique needs and delivering real value.