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Anacortes School District


When we joined forces with Anacortes, the district was facing a history of failed bonds, and an urgent need to find funding to replace or bolster their aging facilities. They were looking to change tactics and hired us to complete a facility assessment, a study & survey, and to help them facilitate a process by which the community could provide input on an upcoming bond.

Armed with the knowledge we gathered during the facility assessment, we formed a committee of over 40 community members who developed a recommendation for the 2015 Bond. Through a very involved process, which included multiple modes of community outreach, we were able to rally support from the community to support replacement of the High School.

With the bond secured, we formed a Project Advisory Team consisting of teachers, administrators, students, and parents who were instrumental in the creation of the educational specifications for the new High School.



Project Type:

2014   Study & Survey / Facility condition assessment

2014-2015  Bond planning & conceptual estimating

2015   Successfully secured an $88M bond

2016   Development of educational specifications for the Anacortes High School

2017  Completion of Phase 1: Rice Field

2018   Completion of Phase 2: East Building at Anacortes High School

2019   Completion of Phase 3: West Building at Anacortes High School & Cap Sante High School


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