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Cap Sante High School

Anacortes School District

In November of 2015, the Anacortes School District passed an $89.7M bond, which replaced Anacortes High School and the alternative High School sharing the site, Cap Sante. Cap Sante High School serves students in grades 9-12 who may find success via a more individualized educational setting. CSHS staff work with each student to create individualized, self-paced plans for earning a high school diploma. The majority of coursework is academically oriented and occurs online through digital curriculum sources. Most students learn on site, but some choose to learn remotely and are required to check-in with the staff once a week. Eligibility is based on monthly staff assessments of student academic progress.

The new 3,000 sf Cap Sante Alternative High School building was constructed on the southwest corner of the visitor parking lot, close to the main entrance of Anacortes High School. The proximity helps Cap Sante students meet with counselors, participate in activities, and access AHS classes when needed – yet still allows the facility to maintain an independent and unique identity. The new school, which serves a diverse population of up to 75 students, includes classrooms and a welcoming lobby bracketed by a kitchen and meeting rooms.



Anacortes School District
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3,000 sf

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