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Brodniak Hall

at Anacortes High School, Anacortes School District

In November of 2015, the Anacortes School District passed an $89.7M bond, which called for a new high school including renovations to the school’s 800-seat Brodniak Hall, which had not seen significant improvements since its construction in the 1970s. Named in honor of Walter Brodniak, former superintendent of the Anacortes School District, the performance hall was used as a multipurpose auditorium for both concerts and theater, but was worn and technologically outdated and in need of a complete renovation. The resulting project required phased construction to ensure the one-high-school district could remain fully operational during construction.

The original performance hall was hidden at the back of the campus and did not have a welcoming public entry or intuitive access from the parking lots. Priority was placed on developing a gracious lobby that welcomed visitors from across the campus, as well as providing accessible routes from parking areas and drop-off zones. The adjacent spacious outdoor gathering area with comfortable benches is not only an asset to the school campus but allows patrons to get some fresh air during intermission and connect with friends and family.

Brodniak Hall received upgraded seating, LED lighting, stage flooring, dressing rooms, rigging system, enhanced acoustics and improved technical capabilities. Several other key improvements include:

  • The music department is located directly adjacent to the performance hall so that it can be used by the instructors during regular school hours. - Video footage of the stage can be live streamed from the adjacent digital media classroom, allowing those who can’t attend a chance to watch the performance as well as supporting the educational curriculum.
  • The band and choral rooms serve a dual purpose as a green rooms, equipped with the capability to stream both video and audio footage of the stage to allow waiting performers the ability to monitor the performance in real-time.
  • The existing sound booth was completely renovated to suit needs of the performance hall, and new infrastructure was added to allow sound mixing to occur at audience level for additional flexibility.
  • ADA compliant accessibility was improved to modern standards, allowing equal access to all patrons.



Anacortes School District
Project Type:
12,858 sf

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