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Northshore Concert Hall at Inglemoor High School

Northshore School District

In 2018 the Northshore School District passed a Capital Projects Bond which included the funds to construct a performing arts and instructional building, along with site circulation and parking improvements at Inglemoor High School. Initial discussions morphed into a lively debate centered on the question of whether to build a hybrid facility for music and theater, similar to the Performing Arts Centers at their other high schools, or to create something more ‘Inglemoor Unique’ that focused on music while providing the district with another style of performance venue. In the end, it was unanimously determined that the project would provide a facility with a primary focus on concert hall acoustics and music instruction.

The building itself sits on a steep slope with an upper level student entrance on grade with the main campus, and a lower level entrance for the public during events. The building is angled slightly off the campus grid with an expansive glass lobby sheltered by a large canopy to ensure an impressive and welcoming presence at the front of the campus. At night, with the lights illuminating the interior lobby, it will glow like a beacon, welcoming the community and supporting the dramatic experience that the district hoped to achieve.

The school has a talented and thriving music program, so the acoustics needed to be exceptional. Key aspects of the design of the interior space were realized during the research of concert hall examples. Acoustics dictate the shape, proportion, and size of the key spaces. The chosen ‘shoe box’ design will create the most acoustically pleasing and warm experience in the hall while providing the highest quality choral and orchestral performance space. The large, flexible adjacent rooms allow band, orchestra, and choir to practice simultaneously in three rehearsal spaces. The interior of the facility is designed with buffer rooms to keep the sound contained within each rehearsal or performance space.



Northshore School District
Project Type:
35,500 sf

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