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Rice Field and Seahawk Stadium

at Anacortes High School, Anacortes School District

Phase 1 of the larger Anacortes High School replacement, the new Rice Field Athletic Complex was completed in 2016. Rice Field, named in honor of Anacortes City Council Member Jim Rice, was upgraded to become the High School’s main athletic complex. The new field is a state-of-the-art facility with a vibrant purple track that incorporates ticket booths, a concessions stand and press boxes. The unique entrance sits above the field, allowing patrons to walk down to their seats.

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Students jumping on the football field.
An overview photo of a football game with stadium lights lighting the field.
A wide photo looking down at a football game taking place.
Students in the broadcast room overlooking the football game.
Cheerleaders performing to an full audience on a game night.
Students playing football with a full audience in the background.
A wide photo of the main enteance to Rice Field.
Two people looking at a memorial at Rice Field.
A memorial structure with the history of every U.S. war.
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In the gracious entry plaza, a Veterans War Memorial stands tall. This memorial was incorporated to honor those from Anacortes who served while educating students and community members about the nation’s wars and soldier’s sacrifices. The previous War Memorial Field, adjacent to the old High School building, became the site of the new East Building.



Anacortes School District
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New / Modernization

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