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Lake Tapps Elementary School

Dieringer School District

Lake Tapps Elementary School is a completely new facility that replaced the old school on the same site in a 15-month phased demolition and construction schedule. The library is the featured centerpiece of the new elementary school program. Tree-like columns appear to lift the roof to prominently identify the library as a core component of the entire school. In the center of each classroom cluster, a shared activity area provides tutorial space, pull-out small group instructional space, and is large enough to accommodate large groups of up to 75 students.

The district requested that the overall character of the school be new and progressive, but hint at the pioneer history of the Pacific Northwest. Lake Tapps Elementary is an entirely unique, client-specific design that interprets the needs of a particular community and a particular school’s educational program. The specially tailored architectural outcome has inspired the staff to express individuality and creativity at new levels that were not possible in the original school.

In 2017 HOA was invited back to complete a three-classroom addition. To meet the state-required reduction in K-3 class size, new classrooms were added to the end of each wing. Careful planning and attention to detail ensured that the new classrooms merge seamlessly into the original architecture. During construction, additional improvements were made to the exterior envelope of the school. To increase the safety & security, new vestibules with access control were added as well as new security cameras.

“We have repeatedly selected Hutteball + Oremus based on the creativity and quality of work, attention to detail, and strong interpersonal skills of the staff.”
– Dr. Judy Neumeier-Martinson, Former Superintendent, Dieringer School District



Dieringer School District
Project Type:
New Construction
59,483 sf
2005, 2017 - Addition

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