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Matt Christensen

Senior Architect

It is imperative to Matt to continually learn and expand his knowledge, and to draw from it to help mentor his peers. He has brought invaluable experience and craft to the design of commercial, multi-family, mixed-use, industrial, and government facilities, but his passion truly lies in educational architecture.

He is a charismatic and talented designer with a strength for team building and clear communication. His commitment to the success of his projects is evident through his attention to detail and dedication to every project.

When Matt isn't busy at work, he enjoys making long boards shorter in his woodworking shop, traveling all over the world, sketching, and delving into photography.

Educational facilities are by far my favorite type of facility to design due to their complexity and knowing the environment helps to shape future generations. Every project brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and the varying perspectives of all involved helps to shape solutions.

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