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Ingrida Sanders

Senior Architect

Ingrida is a thoughtful Architect who interprets the desires of the client to design a school that the community will be excited and proud to call their own. She enthusiastically brings her experience and understanding of the design and construction process to all projects.

She is exceptionally talented in coordinating large, complex projects and enjoys utilizing her skills to accurately detail every component of a building. Extensive coordination between all the consultants on a project is one of her main skills which results in comprehensive and detailed construction documents.

When Ingrida isn’t in the office or supporting her two sons during their respective activities, she enjoys tending her garden and attending local film festivals.

My biggest motivation in life is being a contributing member of society. It might sound like a cliché but it’s true. For me, it means raising a family, providing better for people, making complicated things simple (with a good design!), being challenged, imparting knowledge, and enacting the change. No matter how small or big contributions, my goal is to do better in a world where the status quo is good enough.

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