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David Do


After graduating from university, David returned to Seattle to become a member of the Hutteball + Oremus Architecture team. His confidence, dedication, and strong design sensibilities make him an essential team member to any project.

David is particularly adept in conceptual and schematic development, using his graphic skills to communicate to clients how their facility will look and function at a high-level. He enjoys bringing creative and innovative ideas to enhance the learning and teaching experience for the end users.

In his free time, David likes to listen to film and television musical scores, play ultimate frisbee, and cook a wide range of vegetarian meals. Most of the time, he's a stickler for following recipes (the detailed architect in him), but he isn't afraid to go with his gut.

For me, architecture is the science of context building. It’s about making a positive environment that aids in the space’s function and encourages interaction between people and their surroundings.

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