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Grove Elementary School

Marysville School District

Grove Elementary School is a prototype school, designed to be replicated at other school sites in the Marysville School District. This elementary school project received a special grant from OSPI as a volunteer project, complying with the Washington State K-12 High-Performance School building program, which later became known as Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP).

Many sustainable features are prominent throughout the building, including abundant daylighting and energy conservation elements that account for over $35,000 in rebates from local utilities. Geotechnical conditions presented a challenge that was resolved with 258 auger cast piles to a depth of sixty feet.

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A wide exterior photo of the whole building.
Main hallway with skylights and wood beams.
Looking down from the top of the staircase.
Wide photo of the library with wood ceilings and window light coming in.
Multi use room with a stage and a basketball court.
An exterior photo of the entrance.
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The combination of conventional and portable construction allows the district to adjust the facility size to meet fluctuating student enrollment. The portable construction is integrated into the end of each building wing with the appearance of conventional construction, but with added flexibility.

The program relationships and square footage requirements have been incorporated into a highly efficient plan that conforms to the district’s Educational Specifications for the construction of a new elementary school.

“You do such a wonderful job listening to the team and staying focused on the task at hand. Thanks for all your work behind the scenes.”
– Heidi Johnsen, Former Principal, Marysville School District



Marysville School District
Project Type:
New Construction
53,170 sf

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